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1964 First Round: Dundalk (h) 7-0 (Mooney 3, Bailham 3, Ambrose)

1964 First Round: Dundalk (h) 7-0 (Mooney 3, Bailham 3, Ambrose)

Second Round: Limerick (a) 1-0 (Bailham)

Semi-final: Drumcondra (n) 1-0 (Tuohy)

Final: Cork Celtic (n) 1-1 (Mooney)

Replay: (n) 2-1 (Bailham 2, 1 pen)

Final team: Pat Dunne, John Keogh, Pat Courtney, Ronnie Nolan, Tommy Farrell, Johnny Fullam, Frank O'Neill, Jackie Mooney, Eddie Bailham, Paddy Ambrose, Liam Tuohy.

Replay: Tony Byrne replaced O'Neill.

Attendance: 23,600 Receipts: £3,600

1965 First round: Glasheen (a) 1-0 (Dunne)

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Second round: Dundalk (h) 3-1 (Nolan, Mooney, Caswell og)

Semi-final: Cork Celtic (n) 3-0 (O'Connell, Mooney, Fullam pen)

Final: Limerick (n) 1-1 (Dunne)

Replay: (n) 1-0 (Fullam)

Final team: Mick Smyth, Keogh, Courtney, Nolan, Farrell, Paddy Mulligan, O'Neill, Mooney, Noel Dunne, Fullam, Tuohy.

Replay: Tony O'Connell replaced Tuohy.

Attendance: 19,436 Receipts: £3,050

1966 First round: Cork Hibernians (a) 1-1 (O'Connell)

Replay: (h) 3-1 (Tuohy, O'Neill 2, 1 pen)

Second round: Shelbourne (h) 1-1 (Tuohy)

Replay: (a) 1-0 (aet) (O'Neill pen)

Semi-final: Waterford (n) 2-2 (Tuohy, Gilbert)

Replay: (n) 4-2 (O'Neill 2, Gilbert 2)

Final: Limerick (n) 2-0 (O'Connell, O'Neill)

Final team: Smyth, Keogh, Courtney, Mulligan, Nolan, Fullam, O'Neill, Brian Tyrrell, Bobby Gilbert, O'Connell, Noel Hayes.

Attendance: 26,898 Receipts: £5,636

1967 First round: Shelbourne (h) 1-0 (Kearin)

Second round: Home Farm (h) 2-1 (Tuohy 2)

Semi-final: Dundalk (n) 1-1 (Leech)

Replay: (n) 3-0 (Dixon, Leech 2)

Final: St Patrick's Athletic (n) 3-2 (O'Neill pen, Leech, Dixon)

Final team: Smyth, Keogh, Courtney, Fullam, Mulligan, Mick Kearin, O'Neill, Billy Dixon, Gilbert, Mick Leech, Tommy Kinsella.

Attendance: 12,000 (approx)

Receipts: Not available

1968 First round: Cork Celtic (h) 2-0 (Lawlor, P O'Mahony og)

Second round: Shelbourne (h) 1-0 (Lawlor)

Semi-final: Dundalk (n) 3-0 (Leech 2, Lawlor)

Final: Waterford (n) 3-0 (Leech 2, Lawlor)

Final team: Smyth, Jimmy Gregg, Courtney, Kearin, Frank Brady, Fullam, O'Neill, Mick Lawlor, Gilbert, Leech, Richardson.

Attendance: 39,128Receipts: £8,500

1969 First round: Dundalk (h) 3-0 (Richardson, Leech 2)

Second round: Ringmahon Rangers (h) 4-0 (Leech 2, Richardson, O'Neill)

Semi-final: Shelbourne (n) 1-1 (O'Neill pen)

Replay: (n) 1-0 (Lawlor)

Final: Cork Celtic (n) 1-1 (Keogh og)

Replay: (n) 4-1 (Leech 2, Kearin, Richardson)

Final team: Smyth, Christy Canavan, Courtney, Mulligan, David Pugh, Kearin, O'Neill, Ben Hannigan, Leech (Hugh Brophy 79), Lawlor, Kinsella.

Replay: Richardson and Brophy replaced Hannigan and Kinsella.

Attendance: 18,000 Receipts: £5,000

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