Thursday 18 January 2018

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David Meyler, Republic of Ireland
David Meyler, Republic of Ireland

Adding to back-room staff

"I think for the number of games we have I would bring someone in certainly on a temporary basis.

"The people I would have in mind are people I would have worked with before. I still have to clarify that, but for the length of time we have now, we could really do with a bit of extra help.

"Steve (Walford) would be in mind. John Robertson wouldn't be. John is very, very happily retired."


David Meyler's FA Cup final luck

"I'd have to say yes (he was lucky). I was really surprised at Meyler – us having praised him there for saving Pardew and then suddenly he goes and let's the old veil down (in his clash with Adnan Januzaj). He is fortunate. Apparently the referee has said that if he had seen the angle – while he did see the incident and therefore it was done and dusted – if he had seen the other angle he would have done something about it, so he is very lucky."


Managing Tired Bodies

"I am close enough to thinking I would maybe use some players for the two games at home and would take a few others to the American trip to break it up a bit. You are looking at some of these players coming back in the first week of July, if not slightly earlier than that. If they continue on with me right through to the 9th or 10th of June, when are they going to get a chance to get away?"

League Of Ireland Scouting

"I haven't been to a game yet, but I still intend to go some time.

"I met some managers at the launch and I don't think they would be sending me in wrong direction by saying they had some player who they thought was really outstanding this season and really think he might be good enough.

"It might be better to get me to mark a card about who I should watch rather than me just going to a casual game."

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