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Mangan lifts lid on betting culture

Former Bury player Andy Mangan has warned that lower-league players are continuing to breach Football Association rules by gambling on matches in their divisions.

Mangan was given a five-month ban in 2009 after betting on a match involving Bury and Accrington which took place in May 2008. Four Accrington players were also banned.

Mangan, 24, who now plays for Blue Square Premier side Wrexham, claims he knows of players who are placing bets on competitions in which they are involved, which is forbidden by the FA.

Betting is covered by FA rule E8, which states: "A participant shall not, either directly or indirectly, bet, or instruct, permit or enable any person to bet, on the result, progress or conduct of a match or competition in which the participant is participating, or has participated in that season, or in which the participant has any influence, either direct or indirect."

However Mangan told The Independent: "I know for a fact [players] are gambling on their [own] league, when you are not allowed.

"I know that - and I know some players know that - but everyone's got to know because there are consequences if they get caught."

According to Mangan, players down the divisions look at high-earning footballers and consider how they might increase their own income.

He said: "When you're in that situation you look at the magazines, all the papers, at all the Premier League boys buying all these cars and you think to yourself: 'I'd love that'.

"Maybe they might be good enough to get that, but at the time they're not at the top level. You want it - so how do you get it?"

Mangan has told the Professional Footballers Association he would be willing to be used as an example of the pitfalls of gambling.

He said: "They can say, 'This is Andy Mangan and he's been banned for gambling on football', which might make players want to listen."

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