Wednesday 29 January 2020

Mancini's plan is coming together

Maybe it's a prank or maybe the marketing people behind the release of the upcoming A-Team movie have been touched by genius but it appears as if Roland Benedict, son of Dirk who played Face in the popular 1980s action series, is on trial with Manchester City.

Finding time between fighting communism, extraditing drug dealers, foiling protection rackets and getting the girl, Face talked up his offspring. "Roland has played soccer since he was four years old and always wanted to play in England so I said 'let's go for it'."

It's not clear how young Benedict is getting on at City but the dressing-room banter should be good. Persumably he has been nicknamed 'Babyface'.

His father didn't have it all mind. In one episode, 'the girl' turned him down for another man, but she was a nun and the 'other man' was God.

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