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Liverpool fan in Iraq has to explain: 'I'm not Luis Suarez'


One is an incredibly gifted footballer paid millions of pounds a year. The other is a fan from Iraq. However, based on looks alone there is little between them.

An Iraqi man who looks incredibly like Luis Suarez has come to light in a revelation that might put an end to Liverpool supporters singing ‘there’s only one Luis Suarez’.

It turns out the doppelganger is also a Reds supporter, and to confuse the issue even more, has posed for a pictured alongside the strike partner of the real Suarez, Daniel Sturridge.

The Iraqi fan was caught on camera during a broadcast by Al Arabia as he watched Liverpool’s recent 5-1 win over Arsenal.

He revealed that he is regularly mistaken for this season’s stand-out player in the Premier League, but as he explains in the Al Arabia broadcast (below): “I’m not Luis Suarez”.

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