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Leeds United to rethink centenary badge after backlash from fans


Leeds have promised a rethink over the club's new badge after fans reacted with dismay to the new design revealed to mark their centenary.

The crest, which the club say celebrates "fans at the heart of our identity", depicts a supporter doing the so-called Leeds salute.

Thousands of fans signed a petition calling for it to be scrapped and Leeds managing director Angus Kinnear told BBC Radio Leeds that the club will now consult with more supporters before a new badge is adopted in time for their centenary year in 2019.

"As we look at the feedback today I think it's clear that the consultation process that we embarked on, that we were very confident had delivered a result, wasn't extensive enough," Kinnear said.

"We need to reopen that consultation process very clearly and I think that is what I have come on here to say.

"But also that the fans should really trust us because we have been so impressed by the level of support they give us and the sense of unity that we have between the board and the supporters and players.

"There is no way Andrea or I are going to do anything to jeopardise that unity or what we want to achieve in the future."

The petition on change.org, Stop LUFC from Implementing the Leeds Salute Crest, was set up on Wednesday and within hours thousands of disgruntled fans had signed it.

By early Wednesday evening the number of signatures had risen to well over 50,000.

Fans and players often put their right fist over their heart as a sign of their support for the club.

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But despite a six-month process during which the club says they consulted 10,000 people, the reaction from supporters suggests the final result may have been wide of the mark.

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