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Leeds fans anxious to meet Russell Crowe over possible takeover


Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe


Russell Crowe

The working group that is supporting fan ownership of Leeds has confirmed they will try and meet with Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe next month.

Crowe, a lifelong Leeds fan, caused a media storm last week when he asked his Twitter followers whether or not he should buy the club.

Leeds LLP responded favourably and made contact with Crowe, who asked the group to watch a six-episode show of the work he has done as co-owner of NRL side South Sydney Rabbitohs.

And LLP will try and initiate face-to-face contact with Crowe when he returns to the country next month.

A statement from LLP read: "We've contacted the South Sydney Rabbitohs to try and track down the 6 part show that Russell mentioned in his tweets.

"Russell is back in the UK next month and we will try to get a face to face to see if we can get something more concrete from him."

Were Crowe, the man who played Maximus in Gladiator, to actively pursue involvement with an investment, he could use the LLP group as a vehicle.

LLP is limited liability partnership which will invite Leeds supporters to become partners by buying stakes worth £100. A maximum of 100,000 stakes are to be made available with fans able to buy up to 1,000, with each stake worth one vote.

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