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Stephen Bradley reveals how Robbie Keane has been giving Hoops attackers a crash course in finishing


Robbie Keane

Robbie Keane

Robbie Keane

SHAMROCK ROVERS manager Stephen Bradley has revealed that his attackers have received extra tutorials in the art of goalscoring from Robbie Keane this week.

But he has confirmed that Ireland's all-time record scorer will not be signing for the Hoops and is training with them to keep sharp while he waits for a move overseas to materialise.

Keane's presence in the Rovers dressing room this week - a story broken in Wednesday's Irish Independent - was a surprise to Bradley's squad.

And speaking today, the Hoops boss detailed what a positive influence that Keane has been around the club.

"Robbie has worked with Tony McCarthy (physio) a lot with his injuries and he asked could he come in with Tony and jump in and out of our sessions," he explained. "Even today, he had the forwards for half an hour showing them little movements. It's good for our young lads, to see that from someone whose goalscoring record is unbelievable.

"I was watching Sky yesterday and he was on (Premier League) 100 goals. I don't think we actually appreciate what he's done and we probably won't for the next ten years.

"A few of them were talking about Robbie on Sky when in the gym yesterday and next minute, he’s standing beside them. He is showing them touches and why you move this way and that, you can’t buy that, that’s invaluable.

"Robbie is weighing up a few options at the moment, it's not my business. I know there's lot of interest in him from different countries. But to have him around is great.

"We haven’t spoken about it (signing for Rovers). Robbie is looking to go other places. This whole thing came about because he asked could he do work with Tony and jump in and out of our sessions. Even if he came and watched and talked to the lads, it would be good but to have him involved is brilliant."

Bradley added that Keane has also joined in a weekly five-a-side game which includes Bradley, Rovers coach Damien Duff and Sporting Director Stephen McPhail

"You have Shane Robinson, Graham Gartland, Graham Barrett, it’s a proper five-a-side. But if you’re on the wrong team…I picked the teams the other week and ended up with Robbie, Damien and Stephen on the same team and it was over after ten minutes," laughed Bradley.

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