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Luton manager says door is not closed on three players following 'embarrassing' Cup final


Luton manager John Still

Luton Town manager John Still has stated the door is not closed on three players he had his eye on in St Patrick Athletic's FAI Cup final win over Derry City.

Outspoken pundit Roddy Collins and Cup winning captain Ger O'Brien had a blazing row on the national airwaves on Monday night after Collins stood by his claims that Sunday's game was embarrassing.

Collins revealed that he brought the Chief Executive of League Two side Luton Town and their manager Still to the game to watch five players that he had 'bigged up'

and claimed that he had been embarrassed by the game and that Still had said that he saw no one who would make his squad.

“It was a scouting trip and we looked at three players,” Still said to Dunstable Today.

“One of the players did okay, although it wasn’t a good game, but that’s one of those things that can happen a lot in cup finals; they don’t live up to expectations.

“If you don’t look you don’t find though. I had a look, whether we take that on, we’ll wait and see.”

On Off The Ball on Monday night, Collins said: "It was a terrible final but fair play to Pats.

"I expected so much more from the Pats team especially one or two individuals.

"It was horrendous, the individuals that you would expect to start up and be counted, just didn't do it."

He also turned his ire towards how the game was marketed.

"There was less than 17,000 in the stadium and that was a disgrace," he added

"On the final day, the grand finale, the organisation should have went out and made sure that ground was full.

"It was embarrassing."

Pats skipper Ger O'Brien was unimpressed and responded by saying: "I thought the word embarrassing was bang out of order.

"We went up to the Brandywell earlier on in the season when Roddy was the manager with Derry City, it was a nil-all draw, I thought it was a disgraceful game of football.

"I think you could have given the ball two painkillers it was kicked in the air that much.

"Roddy is entitled to his opinion, some of the points he makes are very valid. We'd love 30-40,000 there.

"You brought over a manager, I'd never heard of him, I had to look him up and if he thinks Keith Fahey, Chis Forrester, Christy Fagan, Patrick McEleney and Barry Molloy aren't good enough to play on League Two, then fair play to him."

The row didn't end there... Far from it.

Collins responded by saying: "You are all deluded, you all play in this little world where you think we're all playing in Europe every year. What have you done in Europe?

O'Brien interrupted: "Do you want us to go over and play for Luton Town in League Two?"

"Truthfully you wouldn't be good enough to play in League Two Ger," Collins.

Stuey Byrne hardly got a word in throughout the segment but seemed mortified by what had transpired.

"People are listening to this wondering what the Hell is going on," he said

"The conversation has become a nonsense.

"This has descended into a farce."

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