Kerry FC manager Billy Dennehy insists online racists ‘will not win’ after abuse of players

Kerry FC manager Billy Dennehy

Murt Murphy

Kerry FC manager Billy Dennehy expressed his disappointment at the online racism of some of his players that took place during his side’s 1-0 defeat to Athlone Town in Mounthawk Park last Friday night.

"I am of course disappointed when anything like this comes to light after a game but unfortunately racism has been across the game now at all levels and it occurred online and not at ground, I think it’s important to stress that as well,” said Dennehy.

"It was from the online platform that the racism came and to be fair to the club they on it straight away and moved swiftly on it.

"Now it’s being taken up by the powers that be on a level above us so now we will see what measures need to be taken to put a stop to this type of unacceptable behaviour.”

Dennehy added: “Everybody is shocked at this type of behaviour and you don’t have to be a player. It is unacceptable behaviour no matter where you are in the world.

"Again it was online and it appears there are people out there who feel they can have those views and they vent them online. It has gone above our brief now to try and eradicate this and find the best solution possible.

"It is something the club have acted very swiftly on as I said and it’s not just about Kerry FC, it for the overall good of the game.”

The multicultural nature of Kerry FC should not be a reason for being targeted by racists, insists Dennehy.

“Look all sports are trying to grapple with this problem (racism) along with music and right across society but it should not be that way,” he said.

"Kerry FC is a fantastic club and fully diverse and it’s great to have the support of so many people from all different backgrounds and that will always be the case in our football club.

"From Kerry FC as a club we are extremely disappointed what has transpired online which is important to stress because online the keyboard warriors will hide behind fake profiles but there is no place for it and it will not be tolerated.

"We will protect our players and everyone at the club at all times and the online abusers will not win.”

Kerry FC held out until the 88th minute against Athlone Town before conceding the winner and Dennehy and his team travel to Longford this Saturday seeking their first win.