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Donald Trump, Kim Jong-Un and the Nuremberg Rally - Stephen Kenny's programme notes were pretty special tonight


Most managers use their programme notes as an opportunity to welcome fans to the ground and to briefly - and generally - discuss the team's recent results.

Occasionally, you can get a manager firing back at criticism, which can make for an entertaining read, but Stephen Kenny took a unique route this evening.

The Dundalk boss' erudite opening to his address in tonight's programme for the clash with Sligo Rovers featured some very worldly references - with Donald Trump, Emmanuel Macron, Kim Jong-Un and the Nuremberg Rally all getting a mention.

"When considering these programme notes I was considering writing about the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un and his recent parading of nuclear weapons in a kind of futuristic Nuremberg Rally, illustrating his capacity for mass murder," Kenny began.

"Kim Jong-Un, and also President Donald Trump's jingoistic rhetoric and aggressive actions in contrast to new French President Macron's opening Merci Mes Amis speech, were also on my mind. However you can only write about these events when you are winning matches. When you lose two consecutive games such topics would be viewed as a big a deflection as Galway's injury-time winner off Brian Gartland two weeks ago."

Exceptional from Kenny, especially in being able to meander back to footballing matters after such a politically charged start.

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