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Derry City issue strong statement to fans and reveal cost of fines due to flares at matches


Derry have condemned the use of flares

Derry have condemned the use of flares

Derry have condemned the use of flares

DERRY CITY have revealed that fines for the use of flares at matches have already cost the club £3,000 this season and the Brandywell outfit have vowed to impose lifetime bans on fans who persist with anti-social activity.

The behaviour of some supporters with the League of Ireland is back on the agenda after a number of incidents this season. Drogheda United issued a statement in the wake of an incident at the end of last week's game at home to Dundalk, where a section of the home support went onto the pitch and approached away fans. 

"Drogheda United condemn the actions of a minority of people who were involved in altercations at the end of the match. These people do not represent our fantastic supporters who are creating a special atmosphere at games,” read a Drogheda statement.

Some St Patrick's Athletic supporters also encountered issues at their game in Derry last Friday. Local media in Derry has contained a number of reports of incidents inside and around City's Brandywell home and the club today issued a strongly-worded statement.

"Derry City FC are presently sitting top of the League of Ireland Premier Division and despite injuries to key players, the team has provided us with an excellent start to the season. The full stadium and the continuing demand for season tickets is helping create an atmosphere and excitement that is the aim of every club. Despite the positives, one disappointment has been the behaviour of a small number of our own supporters as well as an equally small number from visiting teams," the club said.

"Lighting of flares, throwing objects onto the playing surface and encroaching on the pitch during and after matches is behaviour that has consequences for the football club.

"Our supporters should know that the club was annoyed at some of the behaviour at our opening home match against Shamrock Rovers and, arising from that, extra stewards were employed for the following two matches. Concurrent with that, an enhanced use of CCTV has also been implemented to make it easier and more conclusive in the identification of individual offenders.

"Derry City FC has let it be known that offenders will be banned for life and has ordered its stewards and officials to ensure that potential offenders are aware of that instruction. Evidence of offences on individuals will be passed to the police.

"The club has also instigated a full review, so that the most effective stewarding arrangements can be implemented and sustained.

"There is some difference of opinion among supporters about the use of flares. Some will argue that they add atmosphere to the occasion, however FIFA has ruled that they are a Health and Safety issue and insist that clubs are punished for their use. It has already cost Derry City over £3000 in penalties, and we are still in the early days of the season. That is money that could and should be put to much better use in our development. Other clubs are having similar or greater difficulties with the use of flares and the behaviour of a small number of supporters," the club added.

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