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Kingson denies wife is witch whose spell wrecked career

Former Blackpool goalkeeper Richard Kingson has denied his wife is a witch despite his spouse confessing to putting spells on him and ruining his career.

The former Ghana 'keeper, who played for Birmingham, Wigan and Blackpool before being released last year, has seen his career nose-dive since he married Adelaide Tawiah two years ago.

Tawiah appeared on a Nigerian TV show admitting she may have damaged his career with a black magic spell. She also claims she made him impotent. "I messed up Richard's life ever since we got married," she confessed, as a TV preacher called TB Joshua was casting out the 'evil spirit' that allegedly had a grip on her. "I used my evil powers to trouble his career," she said. "I've been working on him spiritually, to the point he could not perform in bed."

Kingson, who married Tawiah after the 2010 World Cup, defended her on Facebook: "My wife is not a witch," he said. He did admit, however, some people were possessed by "false spirits".

Irish Independent