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Mike Magee (his rival for MLS MVP) is a lad who was with LA Galaxy the last few years, he's from Chicago, his family are there, so he wanted to go back. I keep reminding the manager it was stupid to get rid of him because he's after banging in 20 goals or something, so that wasn't clever. His whole family is Irish. His grandfather or father. He's not an international. I'd say he would (take call). He definitely would like to, but he's probably waiting for that American call-up. How he hasn't got it, I don't know.


I can't understand it. My missus is on it. Telling everybody what you're doing, I just don't get it. You're trying to hide and you're telling people, oh, I'm just having a coffee and then you don't understand why people turn up. 'How did you get here?' It's certainly not something I'd be interested in doing. It baffles me a bit.

Sean St Ledger tweeted (about Aviva Stadium pitch last week). You play with Leicester? I'd like to see the pitch there, it must be f***ing Wembley. That's what I said to him.

Artificial pitches

They hate me over there (in the USA) for talking about them, because I can't stand them to be honest with you. They're not good for you in the long run.

(Thierry) Henry refuses to play on them. Anytime New York play Seattle or whoever, then he won't play.

Criticism for moving to America

I couldn't care less to be honest with you – they obviously haven't been to the States, have they?

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The pressure on you there when you're one of the three designated players is actually more because the players look up to you, look to you to do something on the field if things are not going right, whereas in the Premiership you could look around and there might be 17 players who can do the same thing.

The people going over aren't just doing it because they want to live in New York or LA. It's not all rosy; there's actually a lot of pressure on the three players.

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