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Friday 24 January 2020

Keane has a nerve bringing Fergie to book

SIR Alex Ferguson's much-anticipated autobiography (part two) should really have been case closed on his time as manager of Manchester United.

The problem with a book with 16 pages devoted to Roy Keane is that it is never really going to be case closed.

And even if the case was closed, it would probably be the wrong kind of case, one with a flimsy lock due to a perfect example of whoever made the case failing to prepare and preparing to fail.

So it wasn't really a surprise that Keane chose to hit back at Ferguson with some carefully chosen words while appearing on ITV's Champions League coverage on Tuesday, a few hours after his former manager had launched his book in front of the world's media just a couple of miles down the road.

It was often hard to make out Keane's comments thanks to the guffawing of his fellow pundit Ian Wright who, incidentally, released Mr Wright: The Explosive Autobiography in 1997. One Amazon review says: "If you love Ian Wright then you'll love this book." It's currently available for £0.01.

But with a few simple words Keane had people furiously debating the semantic differences between the various forms of "celebrity" autobiography.

Having written Roy Keane: The Autobiography did the former Ireland captain have any right to criticise Fergie for writing Alex Ferguson: My Autobiography?

Some argued that one was inward-looking and self-critical, while the other was the harsh and withering views of an all-seeing overlord (see if you can guess which is which).

"I'm not sure how many books he's written now but he has to draw the line eventually," Keane said of Ferguson.

For his part, Ferguson told Jon Snow that this was it. No more books. Keane has yet to make any such promise.

The case continues.

Evan Fanning

Sunday Independent

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