Saturday 17 August 2019

Jurgen Klopp's attack on Gary Neville throws Loris Karius further into spotlight

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp launched a withering attack on television pundit Gary Neville.
Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp launched a withering attack on television pundit Gary Neville.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp's withering attack on pundit Gary Neville may have gone down well with fans but it is has put even more focus on goalkeeper Loris Karius.

Klopp stated his intention not to create any headlines when asked about the criticism which had been aimed at the summer signing from Mainz following his last two unconvincing performances.

However, eventually the Reds boss could not help himself and launched into television pundit Neville, whom he said "struggled to judge players" during his ill-fated short-term stint as Valencia manager.

"The pundits, former players most of them, forgot completely how it felt when they got criticised," Klopp said.

"Especially the Neville brothers: the one who was the manager (Gary) he obviously should know that too much criticism never helps but he is not interested in helping a Liverpool player, I can imagine.

"He showed he struggled with the job to judge players when he was manager at Valencia so why do we let him talk about players on television?"

And in a parting shot to Gary Neville, Klopp added: "By the way, you can tell him I am not on Twitter so if he wants to tell me something Twitter doesn't help."

Gary Neville nonetheless used Twitter to reply, sharing Klopp's comments about his managerial record and writing: "I'm not a good chef but I know a good steak!"

Klopp waded into the debate after Karius and Neville had stirred up the issue in the last couple of days.

After the 4-3 defeat at Bournemouth Neville said the summer signing from Mainz was "miles away" only for Karius to respond in an interview by saying: "He was a manager for a short bit and now he is back to being an expert again."

Neville wanted the last word and wrote: "My sincere apologies Karius. You're right. A failed manager hasn't a clue. I won't copy your great fan, pundit and club legend again."

That was a reference to former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher, who has said previously he was yet to be convinced by Karius.

Carragher also suggested the goalkeeper should "shut up" - words repeated by Phil Neville on Match of the Day - and that dragged a former team-mate into the row.

"You can criticise as much as you want but you don't tell an adult to shut up. Poor form," tweeted ex-midfielder Dietmar Hamann.

Carragher responded with: "... weren't telling me to shut up when I got you out of that Tokyo nick in 2005," referring to when Hamann was arrested after some of the Liverpool players went out drinking following their defeat at the Club World Cup final.

However, Carragher later tweeted a screenshot of texts he says he exchanged with Hamann afterwards and stated: "Me and the Kaiser are ok now."

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