Thursday 18 January 2018

'It was like nothing was right': Football star Andres Iniesta reveals mental health battle in honest new book

Andres Iniesta
Andres Iniesta
Will Slattery

Will Slattery

He has been at the top of the football world for the best part of ten years but in a new book, Andres Iniesta has revealed that he was forced to seek professional help in the build-up to the 2010 World Cup following the death of a friend.

The classy midfielder was rocked by the tragedy in the summer of 2009, telling Sid Lowe in an interview with the Guardian to promote his honest new book, The Artist, that he wasn't right mentally throughout the following season.

Iniesta explains that, while he wasn't depressed, there was definitely something seriously wrong.

“Not depression exactly, not illness either, not really, but an unease,” he says

“It was like nothing was right. When you’re not right, you experience moments that impact upon you, that worry you.

“There are moments when your mind is very vulnerable. You feel a lot of doubts. Every person is different, every case. What I’m trying to explain is that you can go from being in good shape to being in a bad way very quickly."

Those doubts refused to go away until he sought help from mental health specialists at Barcelona.

“When you need help, you have to look for it: at times it’s necessary," he says.

"People are specialists; that’s what they’re there for. You have to use them.”

The counselling sessions worked as Iniesta bounced back to score the winning goal in the 2010 World Cup final, after which he says he progressed to a much better place mentally.

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