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Ipswich Town chief executive Simon Clegg's statement

What he said: I can confirm that Ipswich Town FC have amicably terminated the contract of our manager Roy Keane with immediate effect.

What he meant: When I say amicably, we didn't exactly embrace in a tear-ridden valediction or anything like that. This was nothing personal -- just business. Next!

What he said: I have to say this is a sad day for Ipswich Town FC and for me both on a personal and professional level. I would like to thank Roy Keane for his efforts, his dedication and his support and professionalism over the last 20 months and for the dignified way in which he has handled this difficult situation.

What he meant: I've made a bit of a cock-up on the old recruitment process and this Keane business isn't going to do me any favours as I could be the next to get the chop if I make a hames of this thing again.

What he said: His reaction to the news is as I would have hoped and expected of someone I have got to know over the last two years. It is one of disappointment and sadness, coupled with an acknowledgement of the opportunity he was given and support he has received and he has wished us the best and good luck.

What he meant: It was quite difficult to hear on the speakerphone in the car when I told him the news but I think the second word was 'off' ...

What he said: We wanted to give Roy Keane sufficient time to get the team right and to get a resolution to the situation. However, as he has said himself on a number of occasions, the performances on the pitch since November have simply not been good enough.

What he meant: We gave him two years to get promotion. He said he would do it in two years. He hasn't. And probably wouldn't if he had another two years. He knew that himself so it's a wonder he didn't walk away as he normally does.

What he said: Despite investment in the playing staff, a lack of improvement on the pitch and the results speak for themselves. We all carry a degree of responsibility in this failure and I include myself in this. But I am absolutely convinced that with a new manager we will be able to achieve the objectives and goals we have set for this club.

What he meant: Listen, nobody's to blame, right? We're all in this together. He's poured £8m of my boss' money down the drain. I suppose a fool and his money are easily parted. Anyone got Paul Jewell's number? There's about £10m burning a hole in my boss' hip pocket. Next time we'll get it right! Trust us, people of Ipswich!

What he said: Ultimately, however, the results have to rest on the shoulders of the manager and as Roy has frequently said himself, "the table doesn't lie". We have taken the decision now to terminate his contract having reached the halfway point of the season. We now have a real and meaningful opportunity to improve our position up the Championship table.

What he meant: Well, actually sod that. It's all Roy Keane's fault! I said his job was safe last week, but now I've shown him who's in charge! My boss, actually. Onwards and upwards now that he's gone. Damn, did Phil Brown get snapped up already?

What he said: Whilst we recognise that we are only three points off the relegation zone, we are looking up and not down. We are still looking towards the play-off zone.

What he meant: When you're lying in the gutter, you can still stare at the stars. Clive Woodward taught me that.

What he said: I hope to be in a position to make an announcement regarding the new manager over the coming days and I can assure you that he will have the support and resources available to him to achieve the objectives that we have set for this club.

What he meant: We're going to appoint a big name with a track record of achieving promotion with a sleeping provincial giant of English football ... oh wait, we tried that one already. Erm, I'll get back to you.

Roy Keane's statement, issued by the League Managers Association

"I'm hugely disappointed to be leaving Portman Road. Results haven't been as good as I'd have hoped so far this season and when results aren't good the manager gets the sack, that's the game.

"However, I have a genuine belief that we were making progress and that the players have what it takes to turn this season around. We were preparing well for our visit to Chelsea on Sunday and then our Carling Cup semi-final with Arsenal. Getting to that semi proves what I know the team is capable of. I was also working hard to build the squad during the transfer window, looking at our options to attract new players to the club.

"I have loved my time at Ipswich, living locally to the club with my family, and have a massive respect for the club, its staff, the fans and the community and I wish them well."

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