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'Why do things like this always happen in Ireland?' - Angry Armenian boss slams late Aviva decisions


Armenia head coach Joaquin Caparros

Armenia head coach Joaquin Caparros

Armenia head coach Joaquin Caparros

Armenian boss Joaquín Caparrós railed against another perceived injustice as his side came so close to causing a second major upset against Stephen Kenny’s Ireland.

The Armenian FA say they will study the events leading up to the corner before deciding whether to deliver a protest to UEFA after their astonishing late salvo in a bid to relegate Ireland from Group B of the Nations League fell short.

Eleven years after the controversial dismissal of their goalkeeper, Roman Berezovsky, when chasing a Euro 2012 play-off spot against Ireland, Caparros claimed that the corner which led to Ireland’s winning penalty should not have been awarded.

However, VAR decisions in such instances never refer back to instances such as this so their plaintive appeals, if any are made, are likely to be ignored.

“We are very upset because of this result,” said the irate Spaniard.

“I don’t know why things like this always happens against Ireland, the same as 2011 here.

“As a man responsible for Armenian history I know what happened before. Roman Berezovsky is now our goalkeeping coach.”

Replays then showed that Berezovsky did not, in fact, handle the ball outside the area but the decision, after just a half-hour stood. Armenia bravely lost 2-1 on that occasion.

“When it happens twice, you have to think about it,” added the exasperated coach.

“It was clear there was no corner before leading to the penalty. The referee didn’t look at the repeat of the corner, he only looked at the penalty.

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“Why does something like this always happen when we play Ireland?”

The manager claimed that after his side confidently notched a quickfire double against the jittery Irish, his side could have thieved a remarkable second win to bookend this campaign.

“I’m happy with the reaction of the players and at 2-2 the Irish became really nervous and we had a chance to score another goal," he said.

"At half-time, we still had 45 minutes and became more confident and we had chances to win the match. I have to thank all my players.”

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