Sunday 22 September 2019

WATCH: Former Ireland striker Clinton Morrison makes grovelling apology after suggesting Ireland is part of Britain

Kevin Palmer

Kevin Palmer

Former Ireland striker Clinton Morrison endured a verbal malfunction of the highest order as he described his adopted nation as ‘British’ during a TV appearance on Thursday night.

Morrison played 36 times for Ireland and scored nine goals at international level between 2001 and 2006, but the London-born forward may have been a little confused about the heritage of his adopted country.

Sky Sports News are often ridiculed in this country for disastrous mistakes when they are trying to comment on GAA action, yet this one is all on Clinton as he suggested he was looking forward to Monday’s crunch World Cup qualifier between Wales and Ireland in Cardiff.

“May the best team win, two British teams going for it and I for one am hoping that Ireland can turn it on,” he told Sky.

That comment predictably inspired a huge reaction on Twitter, with Morrison quick to offer an apology for his mistake.

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