Saturday 21 September 2019

WATCH: 'Everything felt like it was going against me' - Harry Arter opens up on his darkest moment

Ireland midfielder Harry Arter
Ireland midfielder Harry Arter
Kevin Palmer

Kevin Palmer

Harry Arter has revealed that missing out on a place in the Ireland squad at the Euro 2016 finals sent him spiralling towards depression, just six months after the tragic death of his stillborn daughter Renee.

In an emotional interview with Premier League World, the Bournemouth midfielder has reflected on a year that changed his life, with the arrival of his daughter Raine in February bringing a ray of light into the life of Arter and his partner Rachel.

Arter admits he used his emotional interviews with newspapers as a form of therapy to cope with the trauma of losing his daughter, in an interview that highlights once again his remarkable courage.

“I went away with Ireland in the summer, at that point it was six months to the day that Renee had passed and I remember just sitting in my room in a real struggle,” he stated.

“I had to pull out of the Euros because of my quad, and I just felt like, this is not how I planned my life to go.

“Everything felt like it was going against me, whether it was my personal life, my injuries.

“I kind of hit my lowest point then as a time to feel like I need to, I wouldn’t say ‘get help’ but kind of accept what’s happened and try and understand my emotions.

“I never felt happy speaking in a room to someone who it was there professional job to help me, I never felt when I came out of the room that it would help me, so speaking out to the papers and sharing my story was just my form of therapy.

“Loads of people have come forward saying how much they’ve been helped by me saying how I was feeling, and to be able to get things off your chest, people respond with such nice things back, it does give you a nice lift.

“Even if it’s for one minute or five minutes, it does give you that lift, so it was very nice for me at the time.”

Arter also paid an emotional tribute to his partner Rachel, as he confessed he is now trying to use his family tragedy as inspiration for the rest of his life.

“Things do seem a lot more positive now,” added Arter. “I use Renee as a positive in my life now because she has made me a better person.

“Hand on heart, there isn’t a day that goes by we don’t think about Renee, but we can deal with it in a much more positive way than it was before. There is a much more happy feel in my family home, which is lovely.”

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