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Vera Pauw says all her Ireland squad are vaccinated


Ireland manager Vera Pauw

Ireland manager Vera Pauw

Ireland manager Vera Pauw

Vera Pauw has confirmed that all 27 players in her squad for this month’s World Cup qualification double-header against Sweden and Finland have been vaccinated.

Following on from the controversy involving Stephen Kenny’s senior men’s side, where 40% are unvaccinated, including Callum Robinson, who publicly revealed his decision, Pauw said there is only one player who is not vaccinated, but she is currently not in the squad.

“Yes. There is one player, I won’t name her. She’s not in the squad, she’s on the injury list. She cannot have any vaccinations, also not any other like yellow fever or whatever, because of her allergic reactions to that. There’s one player, but it would not be a reason to leave her out. We will protect her in our bubble.”

Pauw has also declared her solidarity with North Carlina Courage duo Denise O’Sullivan and Diane Caldwell following the scandal engulfing their club in the wake of Paul Riley’s sacking amidst of sexual abuse and misconduct.

“It’s not only at the club, it’s a very difficult time for all,” she said. “This is happening too much in women’s sport, not only in women’s football but everywhere. I hope that I can be on the barricades to support the movement.

“Everybody that knows me and has followed me knows that everywhere I go, the safety and wellbeing of the players comes first - to the extreme. I hope that this will be the start of a huge difference in women’s sport.”

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