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Stephanie Roche's top 10 Twitter accounts

Stephanie Roche tells us her favourite Twitter accounts.
Stephanie Roche tells us her favourite Twitter accounts.

Stephanie Roche

I have seen first-hand the power of social media following my incredible 2014 and here are my top 10 Twitter accounts.

Joey Barton - @Joey7Barton

He may be controversial, but I admire Joey Barton's honesty and certainly knows how to stirs a debate between fans. He also talks a lot of sense even though he is perceived as a loose cannon.

Many athletes are accused of sitting on the fence when it comes to giving their opinion, a charge that cannot be levelled at Barton.

Padraig Harrington - @padraig_h

Padraig is always candid and open about his game and his views on twitter are often really insightful, giving a glimpse into what it takes to be a successful player in a very pressurised individual sport.

Padraig Harrington

The decorated golfer also shows his personal side which fans always want to see away from their sports environment.

Piers Morgan - @piersmorgan

Even though he is not a sports star himself, I enjoy the TV personality's presence on social media.

He is a passionate fan (of Arsenal unfortunately) and expresses himself as fans normally would, often over-reacting to good and bad alike. I also like the interaction he has with high profile players as the banter back and forth can highly amusing!

USA Soccer Guy - @usasoccerguy

A parody account, but one of my favourites. He uses American terminology and phrases to describe Premier League matches, often taking liberties with player and team names.

The best part of his account is unsuspecting fans abusing him for making "mistakes"!

Conor McGregor - @TheNotoriousMMA

Conor McGregor has enjoyed a huge rise to fame in the last 18 months and is a fantastic sporting ambassador for Ireland.

Conor McGregor, before his feather weight bout against Dustin Poirier.

I was fortunate enough to meet Conor and he is a very nice and down-to-earth guy. He comes across the same way on his account. He constantly promotes Ireland and the talent we have in all sports in our country.

Katie Taylor - @KatieTaylor

Katie is one of Irelands best known sports stars and another great role model.

Stephanie Roche and Katie Taylor pose for a picture at Stephanie's homecoming on Saturday night. Katie later posted this photo to her Instagram account.

I know Katie well from playing for the Ireland team together and she shows some of her personality through her account that fans through traditional media would not usually get to see.

David Meyler - @davidmeyler7

David has forged a very good career in England with Hull after overcoming some serious injuries. Having met the Irish international on a number of occasions, I can confirm that the humourous tweets mirror his personality!

He is becoming an important player for Ireland and uses his account to show fans that the stereotypical view of footballers is wide of the mark in many cases.

Gary Neville - @GNev2

Gary Neville is by far and away the best football analyst on TV. His opinions on football are very so in-depth and thorough that I often take on board his pearls of wisdom and apply them to my own game.

Gary Neville

He is very good to follow for football information and gives his honest opinion on his old club Manchester United instead of going along with over hyped headlines.

Gary Lineker - @GaryLineker

His account is not as managed as some of players and indeed those working in the media which is very refreshing. He manages to combine humour with real football knowledge which is no mean feat.

Randy Waldrum - @CoachWaldrum

Randy is my new head coach at the Houston Dash, and while I have only just begun my career here. I am already learning a huge amount under Randy's watch.

He is a very dedicated coach and proactive in promoting women’s football on twitter which is a huge positive for the sport.

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