'Some people in there would stick a knife in their mother to further themselves' - Ex-Ireland U19 manager blasts FAI

Former Republic of Ireland U19 manager Paul Doolin. Diarmuid Greene / SPORTSFILE

Daniel McDonnell

Former Ireland U19 manager Paul Doolin says he left the job with the impression that there were people in the FAI who 'would stick a knife in their mother to further themselves'

Doolin spoke about the 'horrendous' politics in the FAI in an interview with the RTE Soccer podcast.

He had a six year spell in charge of the Irish U19 team where the highlight was qualification for the European Championships in 2011.

"It was probably the worst thing I could have done," said Doolin, who claimed that the achievement actually put a strain on the finances.

"At the time it was the financial crash and there was no money. People were looking at me and it was like 'what did you go and do that for?'.

"I got the impression that it was more of a hassle.

"There is an awful lot of things that go on in there. It's not surprising for me because there is people in there to be honest that would stick a knife in their mother to further themselves.

"That was the impression I got. The politics were horrendous. Some of the things that were done to me in there, we would want another hour to speak about it."

Doolin was speaking in the aftermath of a troubled period for the FAI. He said that he was warned when he left in 2016 that opening up on the atmosphere in Abbotstown could pose him problems down the line.

"I went to see John [Delaney] and somebody else before I left and told them a few things I thought. It wasn't good," he continued.

"I said a few things of why I had to leave and I got a phone call the next day where someone said you might find it hard to get a job if you say it.

"I didn't think it was a nice thing to say to me. Forget about the football for a start. As a person I thought I represented [the FAI] really well.

"There are some very good people there, still some very good people there, but it just seems like it's in a bit of turmoil."