Tuesday 21 November 2017



"I was talking to Ruud Dokter about it and I thought 'brilliant' for him. The prime examples over the years of players for whom it was not quite happening at their clubs are David Beckham going to Preston and young Danny Welbeck. You have to find our own way.

"He's obviously done his homework and the club has done its homework on where he is going. I think there can only be benefits so long as he is getting regular games.

"I haven't seen enough of him - I've heard about him and spoken to one or two people at Manchester City. Playing development games are great, don't get me wrong, but it's different type of pressure when you are trying to perform in front of a big crowd."


"I'm open-minded. I'm not shutting any doors on myself. I'm not sure (whether it would be as rewarding as club management).

"It depends which country. I've spoken to international countries before.

"Would the satisfaction be the same? Martin has made the point and so have I: there are pluses and minuses to every job.

"Obviously the plus to the Irish job is that there's a buzz and the whole country's behind you.

"But then sometimes you miss the day-to-day parts of the job - buying and selling, playing a few days after a bad result, things like that."


"We all have a lot of time for Robbie and from a selfish point of view I certainly want to see our lads playing regularly and at the top level of the Premier League

"Has moving away from Manchester United worked for him? Of course it has. I think that he has a chance of being a really good player.

"With the move to Norwich, it looks as if he has done it the right way. It does not look like he's been kicking up a tantrum.

"Hull have looked after him, he's been respectful to Hull and they have got their price for him (a reported £7m).

"Robbie, from a selfish point of view, will be playing regularly in the Premier League which is what we obviously want from the Irish players."


"Regret it? No, not at all. As I said at the time, the only way I was going to find out about it was by doing in and doing it.

"The intention was right. I thought it would help my career - more coaching, more working in the Premier League - but there was a lot of frustration there.

"I have no regrets about taking the job at Aston Villa, and certainly no regrets about leaving Villa.

"I couldn't do it (working both jobs) - believe it or not I couldn't do it. I found it too difficult, definitely. But I also learned a lot that hopefully will stand to me in the future."


"Every time there is a draw, people go 'it's a good or a bad draw' - I just think it's a draw. It seems strange we're talking about them when we have such a big couple of months coming up.

"People make the point that Wales are the top seeds and where they are at the moment - they look like they will qualify and that will give them a lot of confidence. They have one or two players, the Bales, the Ramseys playing regularly in Champions League football and that's what we need to get back to.

"Having said that, there's no Germany in our group. We don't think it will be easy but if we played Wales or Austria tomorrow, I wouldn't be dreading it. As much as I'm saying that, they won't be quaking in their boots either."

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