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Murphy's strengths could appeal to McCarthy


Daryl Murphy. Photo: Sportsfile

Daryl Murphy. Photo: Sportsfile


Daryl Murphy. Photo: Sportsfile

Mick McCarthy's ability to inspire young players is one of the reasons why Niall Quinn is enthused by his appointment.

However, the former Ireland front man says he would not be surprised if McCarthy sounded out Daryl Murphy to see if he had any interest in coming out of international retirement.

The Nottingham Forest front man has a good relationship with McCarthy and has performed reasonably well in recent weeks.

Given that the new Ireland manager's stay will be limited to one term - a 'stopgap' solution which puzzles Quinn - the idea of a fleeting return for the Waterford man has been floated.

"I'd be surprised if Mick would turn anyone down at this stage if Daryl wanted to do it," said Quinn. "I'd welcome it.

"There's nothing wrong with having a presence up top the way Daryl can play. Have we got somebody like him there that can do it? Aiden O'Brien to a degree holds it up well but I'd be all for that (Murphy recall)."

Quinn concedes that McCarthy is working with an inferior hand relative to what he inherited first time around but warned against underestimating what he can do with emerging talent.

"One of Mick's strengths was getting young players to believe in themselves and go to the next level," he continued.

"A lot of us weren't expecting that when Kenny Cunningham was playing as full-back at Wimbledon - or Millwall when he started - that he was going to become this great captain but Mick McCarthy saw it.

"Mick will be positive with the young players and get them feeling better about themselves and that's what I'm looking forward to more than anything."

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