Wednesday 18 September 2019

Jon Walters appears to offer up swift response to Roy Keane's snipes over his public emotion after family tragedies

Roy Keane and (inset) Walters took to Twitter
Roy Keane and (inset) Walters took to Twitter
Kevin Palmer

Kevin Palmer

Roy Keane has come under fire for taking a public swipe at Jonathan Walters for displaying emotion following a series of family tragedies and the Ireland striker appears to have offered up a swift response.

Speaking at a sponsored Dublin event that raised money for the mental health charity Aware on Tuesday night, Keane appeared to chastise Walters for taking part in television and radio interviews discussing how the death of his mother and brother had affected him.

Keane fell out with Walters and midfielder Harry Arter during his time as Ireland assistant manager and the storm created by his outbursts towards the duo exploded in the media a year ago, and details of the argument were followed up by a WhatsApp audio message from Stephen Ward that turned the story into headline news.

Now Keane has given his first public comments on the incident, with his comments chastising Walters drawing stinging criticism.

"He talks a good game," Keane said of Walters. "Imagine if he'd won a trophy. He goes on the TV about how he was harshly treated by me. He's crying on the TV about his family situation. Maybe he should lie low for a while. Have a look at his medals? That wouldn't take long."

Walters and Arter have kept silent on the training ground bust-up that many believe contributed to the exit of Keane and Martin O'Neill from the Ireland management set-up, but it was pretty clear who this Twitter message was directed at as he invited his followers to offer up an answer for him.

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