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John Giles would have worked for free to cover the Scotland game


John Giles

John Giles

RTE pundit John Giles

RTE pundit John Giles


John Giles

Soccer pundit John Giles was available to cover Ireland's crucial European qualifier against Scotland this weekend and would have done it for free because he thinks the game is so important.

The news comes as RTE faces criticism for not allowing the expert to take his place on the RTE panel with Eamon Dunphy and Liam Brady on Saturday because of what the broadcaster called "scheduling" reasons.

The station denies Giles has been axed from the panel.

Sources say RTE are foolish not to have the ex-Man United and Leeds player on the panel and say the reason behind the decision was a contractual one.

"John was contracted to cover a certain number of games and had completed them, so RTE wouldn't allow him to cover the Scotland game," a source explained.

"But despite rumours that he wasn't available, John certainly was in a position to cover the game.

"In fact he is so passionate about it that he would have done it for free because he thinks it is one of the most important games we will ever play."

Former Millwall and Ireland player Richie Sadlier will instead fill the slot.

An RTE spokesperson told Independent.ie that the panel is interchangeable, with a decision made on a "case-by-case" basis.

With Ireland's next game three months away, the broadcaster says a decision on the composition of the next panel won't be made until two weeks before the qualifier against Gibraltar on September 4th.

"John Giles has not been dropped from the RTE panel," the spokesperson insisted. "It's quite normal that the composition of the panel changes for scheduling and availability reasons.

"The panel this week will be Richie Sadlier, Liam Brady and Eamon Dunphy."

Giles was also absent for the first Scottish game in the group last November, a 1-0 defeat last November.

RTE say that the composition of the panel is decided shortly before the game, so could not confirm if Giles will return to our screens for the fixture against the European minnows.

"Each panel is a case-by-case  decision. It is decided two weeks before the game, so we don't know the composition of the next panel as the Gibraltar game is three months away."

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