Saturday 19 October 2019

Hackers may have stolen bank details for John Delaney and Mick McCarthy from FAI

Details at risk: Ireland manager Mick McCarthy, and former FAI boss John Delaney. Photo: Stephen McCarthy/UEFA via Sportsfile
Details at risk: Ireland manager Mick McCarthy, and former FAI boss John Delaney. Photo: Stephen McCarthy/UEFA via Sportsfile

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There are fears that the salary and bank account details of John Delaney, Mick McCarthy and other leading FAI employees and officials may have been compromised by the cyber attack on the troubled Association.

FAI staff have been warned in an internal memo - seen by the Irish Independent - that bank account and PPS details could have been accessed during the hacking of the association's email servers.

Abbotstown officials have not been able to rule out the possibility that sensitive financial information belonging to high-profile employees such as Delaney and McCarthy has been seized.

The FAI's executive vice-president Delaney is still being paid by the association even though he is currently sidelined. FAI staff have been told to monitor their bank accounts for unusual activity.

It's understood information kept by the financial department was disrupted by the hack, with sources indicating that some recent records have been lost.

Forensic computer scientists have been working around the clock on the issue and they have evidence that the payroll server was disrupted during the cyber attack.

The Irish Independent also asked FAI whether it can confirm if the details of the former management team - Martin O'Neill and Roy Keane - were affected.

They agreed a package to leave their posts last November, and it is not unusual for a staggered payment to exist as part of any deal.

Payments to players, who receive match appearance fees for their time on Irish duty, would also be kept on the system but it's unclear whether those transactions have been affected.


The FAI was last night asked by the Irish Independent if it could state with certainty if payments to Delaney, McCarthy, the previous management team and other FAI employees were not accessed in the cyber attack.

An Abbotstown spokesman said: "At this moment in time, there is no evidence to suggest data has been accessed externally. We are continuously monitoring the situation."

Earlier in the day, a memo from chief operating officer Rea Walshe told staff that 'investigations have revealed malware on our payroll server.'

"Our payroll server handles data such as your name, salary, contact details, bank account details and PPS number.

"It is possible that this information has been accessed by a third party. However, from our investigations to date there is nothing to suggest this happened.'

The FAI says it is working around the clock to confirm whether 'unauthorised access' to data occurred.

"As would be normal with such security incidents, we would encourage you to keep an eye on your bank accounts and you may also wish to contact your bank in the event you have any concerns," added the memo.

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