Thursday 19 September 2019

FAI tell McCarthy it's business as usual


Republic of Ireland manager Mick McCarthy. Photo: Niall Carson/PA
Republic of Ireland manager Mick McCarthy. Photo: Niall Carson/PA
Daniel McDonnell

Daniel McDonnell

Ireland manager Mick McCarthy has been assured that the turmoil at the FAI will not have an impact on his work.

FAI president Donal Conway spoke with McCarthy on Tuesday and told him to proceed as normal while the Abbotstown authorities deal with their ongoing crisis.

John Delaney has been sidelined while a number of investigations which could have major implications for Irish football continue.

The entire board plans to step down at the next general meeting, while rank and file workers are worried about the impact that the cash-flow situation could have on their wages.

McCarthy was reluctant to get drawn into the rights and wrongs of the situation on a visit to Dublin this week.

But he did speak with Conway about the road ahead.

"I was in talking to Donal and he assured me to carry on doing what I'm doing and that's all I can do," said McCarthy.


"Everybody else is working it out. They're all trying to work it out while everybody else is trying to tear it apart."

The 60-year-old said that he had not spoken with Delaney in recent weeks and stressed there was nothing unusual about that.

"I work for the FAI," he continued. "There's not been one boss, there's been 11 people on the board who were party to my being employed.

"If one of them leaves, I'm still employed by the FAI Board. The Board are still there and operating so I'm being employed by them."

He was asked about the prospect of his old team-mate Niall Quinn taking a role in a new leadership structure.

"He's been involved in the administration of football. He's very bright, he's a mate of mine.

"Does that make it the right decision? I'll leave it to other people," he said.

"I'll support whoever gets it, just like I supported John and whoever else by doing my bit and trying to win matches."

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