Monday 23 September 2019

England boss Southgate to consider special penalty shootout preparation for Russia

England manager Gareth Southgate
England manager Gareth Southgate

Sam Roberts

England manager Gareth Southgate will review his side's penalty-taking process ahead of this summer's World Cup.

English underage sides have found success experimenting with different methods of preparing for penalty shootouts, the FA's Matt Crocker told BBC Sport.

The Three Lions have a famous history of losing penalty shootouts in major tournaments, most recently six years ago where they crashed out of Euro 2012 after losing 4-2 on penalties to Italy.

In total England's national side have been knocked out on penalties six times in the 14 major tournaments since the 1990 World Cup.

The FA's head of coach and player development, Crocker has been working with England's Under-17's ensuring players are perfectly prepared for a possible shootout.

"Some players were saying they get nervous at the back end of extra-time because of penalties, so it's starting to affect their game. So what can we do to try and help you get better and overcome that?" Crocker explained in an interview with BBC Sport.

"Rather than thinking it's about the player practising penalties every day in training, some of the players told us 'we don't want to practise them every day'.

"Those who don't need it and just want to take it in a game, because that's their style, we tailor it specific to their needs.

"When the final whistle goes, it's about being organised and having a plan. We've already agreed who is responsible as a coaching staff on who is taking penalties based on the 11 left on the pitch, who is taking what and in what order.

"The head coaches meet once a week to discuss things like this and penalties is just one area we are looking to improve.

"Gareth and assistant coach Steve Holland are involved in everything that we do. They sit in on all our meetings."

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