Saturday 21 April 2018

Eamon Dunphy: "A woman screamed f*** off you little bastard at me"

Eamon Dunphy
Eamon Dunphy

In a look back at Italia '90 today, Eamon Dunphy recalls one scary incident when some Irish fans turned on him in his car.

In a piece in yesterday's Irish Daily Star, the RTE pundit delves into his personal memories of Italia '90 on the 25th anniversary of Ireland's World Cup opener against England.

Dunphy recalls the mood of the nation at the time, calling our progress to the last eight 'extraordinary'.

He also says that while he rejoiced in seeing Ireland on the big stage, he admits to 'serious reservations about the sterile and negative brand of football'.

That all came to a head during the truly dreadful 0-0 draw with Egypt, where Dunphy's post-match analysis became infamous as the 'pen throwing' incident.

Dunphy says in his piece today that he said 'whoever sent out a team to play like that should be ashamed' while it was reported he had said he was ashamed to be Irish.

That caused Dunphy to become a hate figure for some, a party pooper at the time of our nation's greatest moment of sporting achievement.

The scariest part for the pundit was when he returned to Dublin about an hour before the team and he tried to drive back to the city from the airport. The streets were lined with people and he couldn't get through.

'I remember this woman with a camera asked me to roll the window down so she could take a photograph. I wound it down, she took the photo and then screamed in my face "f*** off, you little bastard".

'All of sudden [the crowd]started rocking the car and there were no cops there.

'It was 50-50. Half of them wanted to lynch me and half of them were saying '"leave him alone". It was a very scary moment.'

Dunphy admits that incident clouds his memory of Italia '90 but he also says there were good times too.

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