Monday 23 October 2017

How the vote broke down

Russia won the 2018 World Cup by receiving an absolute majority in the second round, while Qatar was awarded the 2022 tournament by beating the United States in the fourth and final round.

England was the first bid eliminated in the 2018 vote, going out with only two votes in the secret ballot of 22 FIFA executive committee members.

Russia led the first round with nine votes, followed by the joint bids of Spain-Portugal with seven and Belgium-Netherlands with four.

In the second round, Russia won the contest by receiving 13 votes, while Spain-Portugal stayed the same with seven and Belgium-Netherlands dropped to two.

For the 2022 World Cup, the voting went the maximum four rounds. Qatar led the voting in all rounds with 11, 10, 11 and 14.

In the final round, Qatar beat the United States 14-8. The US had only three votes in the first round, then moved up to five in the second and six in the third.

Australia was the first eliminated with only one vote, and Japan was next out with two. South Korea dropped out after the third round with five votes.


Round 1: Russia 9, Spain/Portugal 7, Netherlands/Belgium 4, England 2. (England eliminated).

Round 2: Russia 13, Spain/ Portugal 7, Netherlands/Belgium 2. (Russia wins with majority).


Round 1: Qatar 11, South Korea 4, US 3, Japan 3, Australia 1. (Australia eliminated).

Round 2: Qatar 10, US 5, South Korea 5, Japan 2. (Japan eliminated).

Round 3: Qatar 11, US 6, South Korea 5. (South Korea eliminated).

Round 4: Qatar 14, US 8. (Qatar wins with majority).

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