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How the fans reacted . . .

"Sorry to see Roy Keane get sacked. Played under him and thought he was a great manager."

-- Stoke goalkeeper Asmir Begovic, via Twitter.

"He was wrong man at the wrong club. Simply because he was a good player at man u doesnt mean he will be a good mananger at any level."

-- bigauntlarlie, BBC 606.

"As much as I didn't think Keane was good the blame has to lie squarely on the shoulders of the 11 clowns that 'play' on the pitch."

-- quicksesh, BBC 606.

"Just got the itfc newsletter: 'Big month ahead,' says boss Roy Keane."

-- Leon Paternoster, via Twitter.

"Please not Paul Jewell. Still feel keane could've done a job for us."

-- Liam Hannan, via Twitter.

"My only problem with Roy Keane was his inability to understand that players are human and do have bad games, perhaps if he understood this and didn't change the team every week, Roy Keane would still have a job"

-- Anna Hitchcock, via Twitter.

"Sad to see Keane go. Would've liked him to have 5 years to really shape the team into one capable of matching his player achievements.

-- Tim Hards, via Twitter.

"bye bye Roy. Not sure whether to hope we can attract anyone better tho!! praying for evans & clegg to know what better looks like"

-- Joel Toombs, via Twitter.

"roykeane was honest but he divided our club, we need someone we can unite behind. Curbishley for me."

-- Ian Ling, via Twitter.

"Results were poor, he would probably go along with it himself. He wouldn't be too upset with it."

-- Corkman interviewed by RedFM voxpop.

"Glad the publicity stunt is over, hoped for more from Keane but wish him well for the future."

-- Keanos Monkey, TWTD.co.uk, Independent Ipswich Forum.

"Today was a great day for Ipswich Town and i for one (who backed Roy Keane at first) will say with a very big smile "GOOD RIDDANCE" to a very very bad manager."

-- lunatic38, TWTD.

"He came across as a decent guy doing his best. It didn't work out, but his comments over recent weeks have been dignified. That counts for a lot."

-- Tractorgirl, TWTD.

"I think he should stick to his true vocation in life, the one thing that makes him happy, walking the dog!"


"Yet another manager sacked, proves that ITFC is now a sacking club. Soon to be 3 managers in less than 2 years." -- Simon Says, TWTD.

"A great day for the club. If we were a sacking club he would have gone last season. He had enough time to turn it around, failed so he paid the price."

-- Default User, TWTD.

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