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Holloway not a smooth criminal

Ian Holloway has given his support to Mohammed Al Fayed's plans to erect a statue of Michael Jackson at Fulham's Craven Cottage.

Hundreds of fans have signed a petition in protest and a demonstration is planned tomorrow when Fulham host Blackpool.

But Holloway is jealous of the plans, saying: "I can't wait, because love or loathe him, Jacko is one of those iconic figures. I know some fans are grumbling about the statue but I think it is terrific.

"If I could get one of Jackson, I would. In fact, when we go to Fulham I'll take a little hacksaw, smuggle the statue on the team bus and take it home with me.

"Mind you, what if it does go missing now? They will be straight round to my house. It's not me, Mr Fayed. I won't nick it, honest!"

Irish Independent