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Saturday 17 March 2018

'He’s managed Ipswich so he’ll know all about weak mentality' - Chris Sutton has picked a fight with Roy Keane

Chris Sutton has hit back at Roy Keane
Chris Sutton has hit back at Roy Keane

Chris Sutton has hit back at Roy Keane following the Irishman's scathing criticism of Celtic after their 7-0 thrashing against Barcelona in the Champions League.

Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers argued the Nou Camp loss was no embarrassment, but Keane feels his former club's mindset needs to change in European competition.

After watching a Rodgers interview, Keane told ITV's Champions League highlights programme: "I know it's difficult after a game, and if you have an off night in Barcelona you are in big trouble. But on one hand we are being told that Celtic are a great club, great traditions, great history and they go and lose 7-0 to Barcelona and people almost say, 'Well these things happen, it's acceptable'.

"He spoke about the game the previous week against Rangers. They won 5-1 against one of the worst Rangers teams I have seen in a long time, who finished with 10 men for the last 15-20 minutes. So that idea they were tired as well....

"All I hear sometimes when people talk about Celtic is about winning the league, but I think they need to do a lot better in Europe. It's easier said than done of course and this time round it's obviously difficult with the group they are in.

"But even in the qualifying games they were poor. They scraped through and didn't win any of their away games. I think the whole mindset has to change and don't accept, particularly away from home, being the whipping boys of Europe."

Writing in the Daily Record, former Hoop Sutton said: "Roy made the points that Celtic had to change their mindset in Europe.

"But all points were made with a short-sighted and unfair reflection on the current circumstances.

"The problem with Roy Keane is that he had such high standards during his career that he probably judges everything by them.

"It’s unfair to do that because he was absolutely brilliant. Celtic would love a team of Roy Keanes but he would cost up to £90million in this day and age.

"Roy Keane talks about the mindset in European away games. Well, he’s managed Ipswich Town so he’ll know all about weak mentality. He’s right in saying it has to change but it takes time and things need to be put into perspective.

"Celtic were losing games on the road with a far stronger set of players than they have now. Last season they didn’t even win a game in the Europa League. Brendan Rodgers can’t just flick a switch after being in the door for five minutes."

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