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Healthy looking Paul McGrath opens up about alcohol addiction on The Late Late Show


Paul McGrath Photo: RTE

Paul McGrath Photo: RTE

Paul McGrath Photo: RTE

A fit and healthy looking Paul McGrath claims he has been sober for a couple of months now as he continues his battle with alcohol.

McGrath, who has a troubled history with alcohol addiction, spoke candidly about his alcoholism on the Late Late Show and claimed that he has been off the drink for a few months now, as he prepares to undergo knee surgery with Dr. Ray Moran at Santry Sports Surgery Clinic.

"I had my moments I must admit, but I'm off it totally now," McGrath told the Late Late host Ryan Tubridy.

"The last couple of months I've tried to stay off it just so I can concentrate on my knee. If I was messing about with the booze with this thing [knee] as well I'd be gone."

McGrath's alcohol addiction has been well documented in years goneby but his insights are alarming nevertheless, with the former Ireland defender revealing that he drinks so that he can steer himself towards 'oblivion.'

"I don't drink to be social," added McGrath.

"I don't drink to chat up people or anything. [I drink] for oblivion really to be honest. [I drink] so I can just lie in my own house and just get myself ready, and then tidy myself up, and then try and go out to something that I don't really want to go out to."

McGrath also revealed how alcohol impacted his relationship with his family, which led to a humorous mishap in which the former Manchester United defender forgot the order of his marriages.

"I don't think I was a bad father, but I certainly caused them problems with the alcohol. Even at Aston Villa, Man United, Derby, they would have had to have had a word with the wives at the time... sorry.. that didn't sound right.. to say is there any chance you could have a word with him because he's out of control again."

McGrath also spoke of his love for the Irish people after Tubridy brought up a video in which he was given a raucous reception at the Ireland-Oman game last September, and the feeling was certainly mutual, with an outpour of adoration for the 57-year-old on Twitter during the midst of his interview.

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