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Giggs looks to learn from Van Gaal


Ryan Giggs, pictured, enjoys learning from Louis van Gaal at Manchester United

Ryan Giggs, pictured, enjoys learning from Louis van Gaal at Manchester United

Ryan Giggs, pictured, enjoys learning from Louis van Gaal at Manchester United

Ryan Giggs says he is enjoying working under Louis van Gaal and learning "as much as he can" from the Manchester United manager.

The 40-year-old former United midfielder hung up his boots to end a glittering playing career following his appointment as assistant to Van Gaal in May and is pleased with the responsibility handed to him by the veteran coach.

Giggs took charge of the Red Devils for the last four matches of last season as interim manager following David Moyes' sacking and he admitted he was aware of the links with Van Gaal while he was in charge, but remained focused on the job in hand.

He said: "My concentration was on the four games. I wasn't really thinking of anything else. The rumours got stronger and stronger that Louis was going to take over - you accept that but my concentration was on those four games."

Asked about his relationship with Van Gaal, Giggs added: "It's good. He's been really good with me and he's given me a lot of responsibility.

"He didn't know me before I met him and pre-season helped because you're living in each other's pockets for three weeks and you get to know each other really quickly. It's sort of a fast-track to getting, not only to know the manager, but the rest of the backroom staff.

"I know the club, I know the culture and I try and help the manager with that, but obviously he's the one with the experience and he's managed so many clubs.

"We try and learn as much as we can from each other. I know some of the players that we're playing against as I've played against them.

"It's just about trying to help each other, but he's the manager and he makes the decisions and I'm trying to learn from him as much as I can."

Moyes took over as the new coach of Primera Division side Real Sociedad two weeks ago and Giggs said his relationship with the former Everton boss was a good one.

The Welshman added he is pleased Moyes has returned to football in Spain.

He said: "It was always good. Obviously the results weren't there so as a player and as a staff and a football club, you're not happy with that.

"There was never a problem with me and David and I've said that on many occasions. It just didn't happen for him but he's a fantastic coach and I'm really pleased to see him back in football. Such a challenge going abroad and managing in a different country.

"It's always a surprise when you see coaches leave or finish at a club. For me, I didn't have time to think about anything else when I got asked to take over. It was just, instantly my mindset was to Norwich on the Saturday and how I'm going to prepare the team.

"There were a thousand things going on inside your head, but after a while you trust your instincts and trust the team you've picked and you've got good players playing for you so I was pretty relaxed."

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