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Football loco: Fallen idol Ronaldo labelled a 'shameless fatty' by fans

Ronaldo -- the "shameless fatty" one -- has been on the receiving end of his club's supporters ire following Corinthians' ignominious exit from the preliminary round of the Libertadores Cup.

The Sao Paulo giants became the first Brazilian team to fail to qualify from the preliminary round after losing to Colombians Deportes Tolima 2-0 in the two-legged affair.

Corinthians arrived home on Thursday only to be greeted at the airport by an angry mob, who forced the players to exit under police escort.

At the training ground, Ronaldo bore the brunt of the abuse. Graffiti labelled him a 'shameless fatty' while others read 'Ronaldo out' and 'Ronaldo propaganda-kid'. Television pictures also showed players' cars being damaged by missiles.

"This is a defeat we're going to have to carry for the rest of the year," said the striker with the weight of the world on his shoulders -- and hips apparently.

Irish Independent