Tuesday 24 April 2018

Football loco: Angry Chilavert gives agent more than his 10 per cent

IN the wake of Wayne Rooney's shenanigans prior to his U-turn this week, the reputations of football agents would appear to be at a low ebb.

So it was with great interest that we picked up on a story from South America this week where legendary Paraguay goalkeeper Jose Luis Chilavert was caught on camera beating up an agent in an airport.

Chilavert, who comfortably falls into that category of human being known as "eccentric South American goalkeepers", claims he was owed money by an Argentine Mr Ten Per Cent called Pablo Seijas for his role in the transfer of two players.

It's believed that the two men started arguing in Buenos Aires airport before continuing their row after landing in the Paraguayan capital Ascuncion.

Seijas denied any wrongdoing in his dealings with Chilavert and said: "Chilavert demanded money from me for his supposed part in the transfers of Argentine players Rolando Zarate to Mexico and Sebastian Romero to Greece, but I told him I had nothing to do with those moves."

Chilavert responded by saying: "Seijas owes me money for those transfers. He called me a starving Paraguayan and I cannot allow that. It bothers me that in a foreign land they say whatever, but in our country I am not going to allow it. He landed a punch on me, but he definitely got the worst of it."

Having seen the footage, we believe him.

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