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Fans upset by lack of consultation


Hull have a new badge

Hull have a new badge

Hull have a new badge

Hull fans have renewed their calls for consultation after the Tigers unveiled a new crest which does not include the club's name.

The City Till We Die group, whose campaign to prevent owner Assem Allam from changing the club's name from Hull City to Hull Tigers was rewarded when the Football Association rejected his application two months ago, spoke out after the development on Friday.

Hull's new crest features the traditional tiger's head and '1904', the year the club was formed, but does not include the words 'Hull City AFC' or 'The Tigers'.

Now the fans' group has called for a promise to consult supporters over the proposed re-branding to be honoured.

A spokesman for City Till We Die told Press Association Sport: "We are very disappointed that the promised fan consultation hasn't happened, and we are unconvinced by the club's attempt to blame the lack of consultation on the FA's name change process.

"If there was no time for consultation, the club should have waited until there was time and honoured their promise to fans."

Allam has argued that the club will be more marketable as Hull Tigers, and has threatened to walk away if he does not get his way. He has suggested he will appeal against the FA's decision.

But son and vice-chairman Ehab has insisted the new badge celebrates both the Tigers' history and future as they prepare to head into a first ever European campaign.

He said: "This is a more stripped back and modern approach which still celebrates the club's heritage and history by focusing on our famous and well established Tiger's head.

"We have also introduced '1904' to the crest to document the year our club was formed.

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"Our first ever step into European competition is a new era for us all and we are all excited about the season ahead."

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