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FA reform proposals outlined


Greg Clarke says from next season the FA board will be reduced to 10 members

Greg Clarke says from next season the FA board will be reduced to 10 members

Greg Clarke says from next season the FA board will be reduced to 10 members

The Football Association's board has agreed a set of reform proposals that chairman Greg Clarke believes represent a "once-in-a-lifetime" chance to change how the national game is run.

Here, Press Association Sport outlines the key reforms to the FA board and council:

- From next season, the board will be reduced from 12 members to 10, consisting of three representatives from the Professional Game, three from the National Game, an independent chairman, two independent non-executives and the FA chief executive.

- Three members of the board will be female as of 2018/19.

- Term limits for board members of three terms of three years to be introduced with immediate effect. Professional Game representatives elected on an annual basis will not serve more than nine years.

- All pay for directors will be published from next season.

- If an FA member sits on the FIFA council or UEFA executive committee and is not a member of the FA board they will be given observer status.

- No more life vice-presidents or senior vice-presidents will be appointed to the FA council.

- As of next season, all council members must hold an active role in the football organisation they are nominated or elected to represent, and only elected or nominated representatives can vote.

- Term limits for all council members, likely to be four terms of four years.

- An age limit of 65 for new council members as of next season.

- English Football League and Premier League representation on the council to be reduced from eight to six.

- Eleven full members will be added to the council to "widen its diversity and representative nature", each new member will have full voting rights and be aligned to either the Professional or National Game.

- These new members will represent disability football, supporters, British University College Sport, the Association of Colleges, the FA Youth Council, tiers five and six of the league pyramid, futsal and small-sided football, the Women's Super League, the women's amateur game and two BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic) representatives.

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