Saturday 17 March 2018

Excited Qatari couple give FIFA the ultimate tribute

Your country has just been given the honour of hosting a future World Cup and you've just become proud parents of a beautiful baby girl around the same time

So, what do you go and do? You wouldn't go and name your daughter Fifa as a tribute to the organisation which just made one of the most bizarre decisions in footballing history, would you? Well, that's what one Qatari couple did last week after their country was chosen as the host venue for the 2022 World Cup.

"My husband Nayef Al Shimmari and I decided six months ago to name our daughter Dana. Last Thursday when I was in labour I heard that Qatar was picked to host the World Cup finals, so my husband and I decided to name her Fifa," said the little girl's mother.

While we wish little Fifa nothing but the best for the future, a few questions remain. For example, will she end up making rash decisions which defy all sorts of logic? Will she say yes to people when they ask her for a favour and end up doing totally the opposite?

Will she interfere in other countries' politics? And, most importantly of all, will she spell her name all in caps or will she go upper and lower case? Whatever happens, we can surely expect to see her being feted at an air-conditioned stadium in 11-and-a-half years' time. Rumours Sepp Blatter has been asked to be Fifa's godfather were unconfirmed.

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