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'We'll take risks against Germans,' insists O'Neill


Republic of Ireland manager Martin O'Neill

Republic of Ireland manager Martin O'Neill


Republic of Ireland manager Martin O'Neill

Ireland manager Martin O'Neill insists that his team will do more than shut up shop when Germany come to Dublin next month.

A favourable set of September results means that Ireland will have a chance of booking a Euro 2016 play-off in their final game in Poland even if they lose to the Germans in the first leg of next month's double-header.

Speaking at his provisional squad announcement, O'Neill said that the circumstances allow Ireland to give it a go against the world champions.

"If we sat in all night against Germany and they beat us, I don't think we'll feel all that great," said O'Neill. "If you got done without going for it, it wouldn't be great for spirits for the second match."

The 63-year-old again stressed that he would be satisfied with a play-off finish even though automatic qualification remains possible.

He is also relaxed about the lack of progress on a new contract, while reiterating his consistent point that he'd be happy to stay on if the FAI felt progress has been made. "I'm not concerned at all," he said.

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