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Video: Irish fans filmed cleaning up after themselves as French say Green Army have 'won 2016'

Ireland fans have been filmed cleaning up the streets of Paris as the Green Army prepares to invade Bordeaux.

The footage has emerged as a French media outlet, BuzzFeed France, paid Irish fans the ultimate compliment by running a headline: 'Irish fans have already won Euro 2016'. 

The Green Army has moved on to Bordeaux and already the the fans are making the place look a bit nicer.

This video, posted online tonight by Cormac Mullen, shows a group of fans cleaning up their own bottles and cans in the south west city.

Like many of the other videos posted online it has already become a hit with viewers.

Ireland fans have been hailed as "winners of Euro 2016 already" by BuzzFeed France as the travelling Green Army continue to bring charm and atmosphere to the streets of France.

Up to 70,000 Ireland fans were in Paris on Monday as Martin O'Neill's men drew 1-1 with Sweden and similar numbers are expected to descend on Bordeaux for this Saturday's match against Belgium.

Social media has been awash with video and pictures of Irish enjoying themselves with no arrests reported since the green invasion began.

In an article entitles: 'Here is proof that Irish fans have already won the Euro 2016', BuzzFeed France pays tribute tot he Boys In Green with a series of images and gifs.

In the article, Ireland fans are described as "absolutely wonderful" who are always happy and like to dance.

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Meanwhile, Twitter users in France have flooded the social media channel with high praise for the Irish.

Here is just a small taste of what is being said. (Translated through Google Translate)

"Irish best supporter this euro"

"Irish fans are magical"

"the Irish are the bests"

"The Irish have adorable accent"

"I'm Irish support in group E"

"Yesterday is of Irish who came to take pictures with us c the best of the euro"


"Bring to light the fans who lead by example in the # EURO2016"

"Are the Irish fans the best in the world? ". Obviously

"The Irish put the serious atmosphere that euro"


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