Friday 23 March 2018

No Sleep Till Bordeaux: No Pints ‘Till The Plane rule lasted about 30 seconds

Irish fans have invaded Paris in huge numbers for the Boys in Green's Euro 2016 opener and we came across this Facebook status from one of the passionate supporters who has travelled to France.

The Ledge is in France
The Ledge is in France

A Letter From The Ledge


Just time for a quick status update. At the airport and the plane to Charles de Gaulle is taking off in 20 minutes. That’s if they can get the Norn Iron lads to stop shouting at randomers in Wales jerseys about sheep-shagging. Seriously, those Ulster lads would want to pace themselves, there’s two weeks to go and we’re not even out of the Departures area, FFS.

And speaking of pacing ourselves, the No Pints ‘Till The Plane rule lasted about 30 seconds. Paulie got here first and I’d swear he managed a few breakfast scoops before he even got in the taxi and the Ryanair girls were giving him looks. We had words. There’s no way we’re gonna have a repeat of Bydgoz….Bydscz… Poland.  I think we’re still on the no-fly list with Easyjet.

But! Everybody managed to arrive with tickets and passports which was a minor miracle to be fair. I must have sent out about fifty facebook msgs last night to remind everybody. Da was saying when they went to Euro ’88 he had to send uncle Mick a postcard to let him know when the van was leaving for the ferry. A feckin’ postcard! I was slagging him, “did ye write it in Morse code?”. Seriously, how those lads ever organised pints is beyond me.

John O Shea.jpg

Do you know how Davy was posting pics of all the shite flags (the grumpy fecker)? Well, have to say we saw a belter at the check-in desk – four lads from Clontarf with a huge tricolour saying “Liberté, Egalité, John O’Shea” – genius! Just tweeted a photo of it there (I’ll be on here and twitter mostly, can’t be arsed with snapchat). Then some Norn Iron lads turned up with one that said; “"Liberté Egalité Lafferté". We were slagging them that they only copied it.

So we’re staying in a mad gaff Paulie found on Airbnb in Paris ‘till Tuesday. Basically a wardrobe with a jacks. The French lad renting it out was a bit suspicious, but Paulie said he was coming over with his girlfriend to look at art galleries. If the guy finds out there’s five of us and we’re going on the lash for three nights, we might need a plan B.

The security is supposed to be mental in Paris but we’re more worried about running into a load of England supporters. Did ye see the riot in Marseille last night? Everybody’s been watching it on their mobys here. They managed to wreck an Irish pub (to be fair, if it’s like the Irish pubs in Magaluf, it’s probably run by a guy from Kazakhstan).


They’re mental, imagine saving up for five months, breaking your arse to source tickets and then you go and get arrested on the first night and they’re putting you on a boat home? I’ve seen some SERIOUS messing with the Irish on tour but we’re not dumb, go in with a smile on your face, have the craic, locals are all chilled and the cops just get bored and feck off home.

Anyhow – we’re meeting up with some of the lads from Ringsend in Paris tomorrow night, pub near Montmartre. I’ll put it up here tomorrow if anybody’s got mates looking for a gang.

Gotta go, they’re calling the flight but I’d say half of them are still stuck in the bar.

Sweden Monday night! Stade de France and Zlatan feckin’ Ibrahimovic. Getting serious now, lads!

We’ll have loads of pics up for ye tomorrow. Got the iPad with me, course I forgot me charger and had to buy a new one in duty free (25 notes, Apple are rip-off merchants).

Ye’ll be in the pub – we’ll be in the stands!


• As seen on Facebook by Joe O’Shea 

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