Saturday 20 January 2018

Euro 2012: Uefa announces match schedule ... next up the draw

IT doesn’t mean a whole lot yet, but this is Uefa’s skeleton match schedule for Euro 2012, which will be fleshed out at the draw on December 2.

Depending on which group we draw – Ireland are fourth seeds – Irish fans will then be able to work out who, where and when Trapatonni’s team play.


Friday, June 8

Warsaw: Poland v A2 (1700)

Wroclaw: A3 v A4 (1945)

Saturday, June 9

Kharkiv: B1 v B2 (1700)

Lviv: B3 v B4 (1945)

Sunday, June 10

Gdansk: C1 v C2 (1700)

Poznan: C3 v C4 (1945)

Monday, June 11

Donetsk: D3 v D4 (1700)

Kiev: Ukraine v D2 (1945)

Tuesday, June 12

Wroclaw: A2 v A4 (1700)

Warsaw: Poland v A3 (1945)

Wednesday, June 13

Lviv: B2 v B4 (1700)

Kharkiv: B1 v B3 (1945)

Thursday, June 14

Poznan: C2 v C4 (1700)

Gdansk: C1 v C3 (1945)

Friday, June 15

Kiev: D2 v D4 (1700)

Donetsk: Ukraine v D3 (1945)

Saturday, June 16

Wroclaw: A4 v Poland (1945)

Warsaw: A2 v A3 (1945)

Sunday, June 17

Kharkiv: B4 v B1 (1945)

Lviv: B2 v B3 (1945)

Monday, June 18

Gdansk: C4 v C1 (1945)

Poznan: C2 v C3 (1945)

Tuesday, June 19

Donetsk: D4 v Ukraine (1945)

Kiev: D2 v D3 (1945)


Thursday, June 21

QF1: Warsaw: Winner A v Runner-up B (1945)

Friday, June 22

QF2: Gdansk: Winner B v Runner-up A (1945)

Saturday, June 23

QF3: Donetsk: Winner C v Runner-up D (1945)

Sunday, June 24

QF4: Kiev: Winner D v Runner-up C (1945)


Wednesday, June 27

SF1: Donetsk: Winner QF1 v Winner QF3 (1945)

Thursday, June 28

SF2: Warsaw: Winner QF2 v Winner QF4 (1945)


Sunday, July 1

Kiev: Winner SF1 v Winner SF2 (1945)

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