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Monday 19 March 2018

England players scoring again

OVER the course of the weekend the majority of the footballers who disgraced England in the World Cup got back to doing what they do best as the Premier League kicked off and finally the weeks and days for many of us have meaning and structure once again.

It's probably more accurate to say the players got back to doing what they do second best, for if this summer has revealed anything, it's that many footballers possess a consistency in their ability to get into trouble that is distinctly lacking from their endeavours on the pitch.

Peter Crouch is one of those. At 6ft 7in, Crouchie was in a position to take the moral high ground in more ways than one, as his lack of real participation in England's summer campaign gave him a free pass from the criticism and the booing that now follows the squad around.

But instead of looking forward to the new season, Crouchie spent the last week on a damage-limitation exercise following sordid allegations in last weekend's tabloids involving the beanpole striker, a stag weekend, a teenage Algerian prostitute, £1,000, and a sex-act in a taxi. Put any two of those together and you have trouble. All five and it's a disaster, particularly if you happen to be engaged to a fairly high-profile personality in Abbey Clancy.

Clancy spent the day following the revelations with Toni Terry, wife of Chelsea captain John and a woman who knows exactly what it's like to pick up a Sunday morning paper and go "oh s**t". In fact, Abbey could hardly have picked a better place to go with her troubles. Visiting Mrs Terry in this situation would be like being able to pick Nelson Mandela's brain about how to cope with a lengthy prison sentence.

Abbey and Terry's tactical masterplan is as yet unknown, but being part of the football family, as they are, that shouldn't be any problem. Just ask Fabio Capello.

Evan Fanning

Sunday Independent

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