Monday 11 December 2017

Eastenders gets transferred to Sky

Eamonn Sweeney

Harry Redknapp's incandescent reaction to Sky Sports reporter Rob Palmer's comment that the Spurs manager is "a wheeler and dealer," was one of those moments that YouTube is made for.

It's interesting to wonder why the normally phlegmatic Redknapp saw red after what was, on the face of it, a pretty inoffensive comment.

Perhaps there was a communications breakdown and what the Spurs boss actually heard was, "Oi Redknapp, do you know what an embarrassment you are to the sophisticated hacks who cover English soccer? Did you not know that by law all top clubs should be managed by a suave European metrosexual who knows the names of wines, likes music with no words in it and says things in after-match interviews that sound profoundly philosophical to the middle classes just because they're said in a foreign language in the same way that people who wouldn't buy a crime novel in a fit dote on ones where the hero is called something like Sergeant Bjorn Gundersen. And there you are, the image of some barrow boy who'd be flogging second-hand towels in East Street market, letting the side down. Even if you are a good enough manager to break the big four's stranglehold on the Champions League places, what use is that when you remind me of the dodgy geezer on The Fast Show with the ponytail, the one who used to say 'you don't want to leave that with me, I'll nick it mate'. It's a wonder your team don't take the field to the tune of Chas and Dave doing Gertcha, you wheeling, dealing embarrassingly working-class Cockney git."

Or perhaps not.

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