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Eamon Dunphy: It's stupid not to have John Giles on the RTE panel


John Giles and Eamon Dunphy

John Giles and Eamon Dunphy

John Giles and Eamon Dunphy

Eamon Dunphy has criticised RTE for not including Irish football legend John Giles on their panel for tonight's coverage of Ireland's Group D encounter with Scotland.

There has been an outcry from viewers this week after it was revealed that Giles would be replaced by Richie Sadlier for the game.

Giles revealed that he was available for the game and would do it free of charge after he had completed the allocated number of games in his contract after RTE had claimed they the decision for 'scheduling and availability reasons'.

Writing in his column in the Irish Daily Star today, Eamon Dunphy claimed that the situation may not have been an accident.

"It didn't happen by accident that John had completed his contracted number of games," he wrote.

"I believe the plan was that John wouldn't be on the panel for the match with Scotland.

"The notion that John Giles is dispensable or interchangeable for a match of this significance is not credible. In fact, it's stupid."

The outspoken pundit claimed that both he and Liam Brady look up to John during broadcasts and the Irish public deserve to have him on their TV screens.

"Liam Brady and myself regard John as without peer when it comes to football analysis," he added.

"We listen to him, the public listen to him. He;s credible and his words carry weight.

"John has vast football knowledge and no pundit I've ever worked with has as great an understanding of the game.

"The Irish public deserve access to John's wisdom on a huge day for Irish soccer."

Giles claimed this week that Dunphy has tried to intervene with RTE to get him back on the panel.

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